Project Size

9,000 sf


1004 Middlegate Road, Mississauga ON


iN Studio

Project Details

Aercoustics are innovative engineers in acoustics, noise reduction and vibration control, preventing sound from interrupting everyday life. Their work is why you don’t feel the rumble of a subway train or why you weren’t distracted by the noise made by an unpunctual concert-goer. This unique undertaking requires a specific space where real-world problems can be simulated and, ultimately, solved.

Aercoustics relocated its head offices to a light commercial/industrial space. To provide its team with the resources to delve into complex issues, the design required a mix of breakout rooms and collaborative spaces along with ample storage for specialized equipment.

mform completed this project in 10 weeks, using simple but impactful building materials to produce a high-end look. The result was a stunning and functional environment that fosters the comfort and creativity that engineers need.

Aercoustics now has a modern environment where its team is inspired to thrive.