Defining a project’s goals is a structured process and significant value can be added by an experienced construction manager at the early project definition and during design and development stages. Missteps at onset due to unrealistic expectations only cause frustration during the implementation phase. Whether it is assessing potential new spaces or creating control budgets and critical path schedules, mform’s experience mitigates anxiety and creates more successful projects.


Construction Management

Our approach to Construction & Project Management is simple; develop transparent, honest, and mutually beneficial relationships in which mform is a collaborative partner with key decision-makers throughout all construction phases. Our goal is to help the client avoid unnecessary costs, stay on schedule, and implement top safety and quality control standards. This is a structured approach to project delivery and it brings to the table our intelligence, experience, and creativity to ensure the project is on-time and on-budget.


General Contracting

Fixed price contracts are only as good as the documents defining the scope of work. These contracts can be successfully used when proper focus and attention is given to the pre-tender stage. mform will thoroughly review all trade tender packages and verify scope for key aspects of the project. When you work with mform as a general contractor, you should be confident that we have done our due diligence to make your design vision a reality.


Client Care

Our experience in construction management has taught us that a common concern exists in almost every project. This concern is with respect to how fast closeout can be completed and what resources are in place to service and maintain the space after move-in.

Newly completed spaces require attention to ensure they are consistently running at optimal efficiency. Our Client Care team enters the picture during the last 5% of the project and continue to support the space post-closeout. This specialized team works with you to keep the space operating as intended, including general maintenance and repairs, small projects, warranty reviews or can be as simple as answering your questions.



mform fully buys into the vision of building green and reducing waste. We also know that “green” environments produce happier and more productive employees. Establishing and maintaining a reputation for environmental awareness and practices is important to us. Our role and responsibility will be to manage targeted LEED scorecard credits to ensure project goals are met.