Project Size

50,000 sf


100 Yonge Street, Toronto ON



Project Details

Scotiabank set out to re-envision its downtown campus by researching and discovering how to create better working environments for its employees. They learned that by integrating technology with space and changing behaviours, they could create a model that was space efficient, inspiring, and enabled staff to work more collaboratively. By creating a series of multi-floor Ecosystems, and utilizing Activity Based Working principles, Scotiabank gives everyone in the Ecosystem network the power to choose how, when and where they work to make themselves and others most effective. mform was selected to construct the first in a series of Ecosystems, in collaboration with the design team at HOK.

Challenges: Executing the first iteration of a program comes with inherent challenges, and our team worked effectively with Scotiabank and HOK to work through the implementation of Ecosystem 1. The creation of an internal staircase in an existing building and working around staff in an active office environment was the biggest challenge of this project.

Result: Ecosystem 1 is a good example of mform’s work in multi-floor space and working in a team environment with an entirely new set of design standards. The challenging schedule was achieved, and our team worked successfully with all stakeholders through the first of Scotiabank’s Ecosystem projects.